Living on a Dollar a Day

Pupils from St Bernard’s Catholic Preparatory School, Slough tried to see if they could live on a dollar a day.

Each pupil was given an allowance of 60p, the equivalent of one dollar. Then, either working alone or in groups they had to see what they could buy to feed themselves.???????????????????????????????

We used pictures of the sort of things you could buy if you lived in Sierra Leone, one of the world’s poorest countries. In Sierra Leone, a cup of rice will cost you 10p, a cooked fish will cost you 21p, a chicken to feed 6 people would be about £1.00 and a bottle of water would cost 52p.

Pupils found they were able, with their 60p, to buy enough food to get one meal per day but few were able to afford even one bottle of water between six.???????????????????????????????

Instead they realised they would have to risk the water from the well.

In our world today over 1 billion people don’t even have a dollar a day to feed themselves, and a further billion people are living on just one dollar a day.  That’s almost a quarter of the world’s population. Even more shocking, one in eight people will go to bed hungry every day.

Pupils at St Bernard’s agreed to try to change this and were determined to encourage friends and relatives to join them in support of the Hungry for Change Campaign.???????????????????????????????

There is Enough Food for Everyone IF…

IF we force governments and investors to be honest and open about the deals they make in the poorest countries that stop people getting enough food.

IF governments keep their promises on aid, invest to stop children dying from malnutrition and help the poorest people feed themselves through investment in small farmers.

IF we stop poor farmers being forced off their land, and use the available agricultural land to grow food for people, not biofuels for cars.

IF governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries, so that millions of people can free themselves from hunger.

You can take action today  by joining our campaign.

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