Thirst for change – campaigning works!

Display in St Bernadette’s main entrance

During Lent people from across the Diocese in our parishes and schools signed cards and wrote on pictures of water droplets calling on the Prime Minister to do what he could to make sure no-one went thirsty.

After receiving over 60,000 actions as part of our Thirst for change campaign, David Cameron could be left in no doubt about the need for urgent action on water and sanitation.

You showed the UK government how much you care about the water and sanitation crisis. “I received a huge amount of correspondence from CAFOD supporters, particularly from school children,” wrote DFID minister Andrew Mitchell in a letter to CAFOD. The government listened and alerted us in April, when they doubled their commitment to water and sanitation to benefit over 60 million people -the equivalent of the entire UK population- over the next three years.

Your actions also gave hope to communities that we work with overseas: “I have been inspired by the determination and dedication of CAFOD supporters. I have never seen such generosity,” said CAFOD partner Lemlem Berhe Tsegay from Ethiopia, who visited Catholic schools and parishes across England, including schools and parishes in our diocese.

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Your actions have shown the creativity, commitment and influence of the Catholic community in England and Wales. Thank you for everything you did to thirst for change.

For more information on the impact of the campaign, see our main website:

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