Mud, puddles and giggles

Parishioners from St Teresa’s, Princes Risborough enjoyed their annual Sponsored Walk for CAFOD despite the April showers. They slipped in mud, fell in puddles and giggled their way through, walking through the wind and rain to raise funds for those without access to clean water.

In all 12 brave walkers turned up on the day. We all had a spiritual uplift when Fr  John appeared resplendent in his bright yellow waterproof coat which would not have looked out of place on a North Sea trawler!!! Some members were somewhat inadequately shod and their sparkling new trainers soon disappeared in the sea of mud. For all the hardships of the day everybody finished on a high note and said it was worth the effort.

The parishioners  were very generous in their sponsorship and we expect to raise over £800 for CAFOD’s Lent Appeal.

Julia, one of the younger walkers, along with her sister Katie was  unable to take part on Sunday but they completed a walk on Tuesday as  they  were determined to help improve the lives of those for whom clean water is a luxury.  Together the two girls raised over £250, a tremendous effort.

With over 700 million people still unable to access clean water to drink and over 2.5 billion people without safe sanitation, St Teresa’s walkers have given a great boost to CAFOD’s campaign.  With funds still coming in, communities across Northampton Diocese have already raised over £80,000.  These funds will be matched £ for £ by the Government through the match funding scheme, providing much needed support to the most marginalised communities in the poorest countries. 

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