Chris Bain visits St Teresa’s

Chris Bain came and gave a very interesting talk at the homily, he spoke about his connection with St Teresa’s, recent trips abroad, connect to Rwanda and Thirst for Change campaign.

He said that ‘water is essence of human life, most of the substance of our body is water, we cannot live without water, but water is also a killer.

Dramatically from floods and Tsunamis but more lethally through polluted water, the biggest killer of children under 5 in the world today is waterborne diseases.

CAFOD believes that the provision of clean water and sanitation must go hand in hand with action to tackle the root causes of poverty. He asked us to support the Thirst for change campaign calling on the Prime minister Mr Cameron when he takes over the leadership of the G8 group of rich nations next January to make clean water for all a global priority.

The Parish CAFOD Group took the opportunity to present Chris with a Cheque for £1000 raised for their Connect2 project supporting the community in Musha, Rwanda.

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