A Day in the Life

Year 1 watch the video "A Day in the Life"

Frank Sudlow from CAFOD came to talk to Year 1JS at St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, this is what they learnt:

We learnt about how our day is different from a day in the life of children inLondonandZimbabwe. Katie in London lives in a block of flats. Naison in Zimbabwe lives in the country.

Katie has her own bedroom on the 6th floor.  Naison has his own hut in the family compound. Katie takes the lift to the ground floor and crosses the road to school. Naison walks for an hour and a half across the fields to schools.

Naison starts school at 7am and finishes at 1pm. In the afternoon he works in the field with his friend weeding the beans.

Katie ate Cauliflower Cheese for dinner. Naison ate Ugali (Corn mash) and beans.

Katie gets her water from the tap in her house.

Naison gets water from the Borehole

Naison gets water from the borehole.  He and his cousin Forgive walk a mile to the borehole to fetch water each day. Naison had a lesson in school about safe water.  Water from a borehole is safe water. Water from the river or the pool is not safe. It is important that Naison has safe water to drink.  We learned how CAFOD is helping families like Naison’s get safe water to drink.

Year 1 hear about Christian in Peru

Then we heard about Christian and his brother, Wilbur, in Peru.  They live in the hills above Lima, but they don’t have water either.  There is no borehole, instead they walk down into the town to get water from a pipe and have to carry it back up the hill to their home. CAFOD have been working with the families in their area to provide a water tank.

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