Frank meets partners in Lima, Peru

CAFOD Diocesan Manager, Frank Sudlow, has just returned from meeting CAFOD Partners in Peru.  He writes:

Throughout my journey I have tried to relate some of my experiences in photos and words on this site.

I invite you to join me with your comments.

To see something of the work we support in Peru, click here.

During four weeks in Lima and Cusco, I was amazed by some of the people I met. 

I  have seen development projects with the poorest and most marginalised communities being led by highly educated and highly motivated women who are able to step back and take the long view.  Research here in Peru and elsewhere shows how women are able to reach deeper into the most marginalised communities and achieve remarkable effects, and the church is supporting and empowering them in these roles.

The Catholic Church is truely empowering young people, women and minorities to take their full place in society.

Young people lead the liturgies and sacramental preparation programmes as equals alongside the adults.  The Confirmation Programme is led by a dedicated team of young leaders. So too is the First Communion preparation programme.

I hope you find these Blogs interesting, do feel free to comment or ask questions, you can be sure I will read and respond to every question.

If you live in Northampton Diocese and would like me to visit your school or parish to twell you more about my visit, just let me know.


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CAFOD Northampton supports CAFOD's work across the Northampton Diocese covering the Counties of Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire together with those parts of Berkshire north of the Thames. Working in partnership with volunteers and supporters, the Diocesan Office coordinates CAFOD's work at a local level in parishes, schools and community groups.

11 thoughts on “Frank meets partners in Lima, Peru

  1. sounds like you arrived safely, and you are busy there!
    you have lots of questions from St Bernadettes, everyone here sends you good luck wishes for your journey, all ok here, Maddy

    • Arrived safe and well, thanks.

      Lovely to have all the questions from St Bernadette’s I’m going to take lots of pictures of the food, which is delicious.

      I’ll try to post a picture with me in it in tonight’s Blog


  2. Hi Frank. Hpoe you are well and enjoying your trip. We are thinking of you. Lots of love from Deirdre and William Currie and Family xx

    • Hi Deirdre and all,

      I’m having an amazing time. I hope you are able to follow my adventures on the Blog. Hope that I’ll get some messages from the school soon,


  3. Hi there Frank – These photos and stories are great!! Big hugs from your fans here at CAFOD Portsmouth!!!! Lynda and Laura!

    • Thanks. I will have so many stories to tell it will be difficult doing it all in one session. I’m sure I will compete with Tony Sheen’s notes from Brazil!

      See you when I get back,


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