Warmi Huasi (Women’s House), San Benito, Peru

Children from the local Nursery School are clearly benefiting from the programme

CAFOD’s partner, Warmi Huasi, provides health care in the Barrio of San Benito. This involves training health workers and campaigns to raise awareness about healthy living, HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy.

It also involves education for mothers of young children on improving their children’s health through improved nutrition and basic health care.

I visited the project and saw the work being done.  Teachers in the local school told of how the children’s health was improving, not just among the poorest but across the whole community.

The programme, started in 2009, provides regular support both on an individual level and through classes at the Warmi Huasi (Women’s House). The women I met were from the indigenous community and many were the first generation of their family to live and work in the city.

The nutrition programme explains the importance of the different food groups and shows mothers that, without increasing the amount they spend on food, they can dramatically improve their whole family’s diet using locally grown produce which is easily available.

The health care programme works with health workers from the local clinic to advise mothers on how to feed their children, the importance of holding them as they feed them, the importance of music and singing to them, and how to keep their skin clean and free from infections.  Warmi Huasi offers a fully integrated programme complimenting local services.. A video clips:

See the children show off dances from the different cultures represented in Peru: http://youtu.be/PcmdMpgR6ds

See something of the situation in San Benito and of Warmi Huasi’s work: http://youtu.be/ExHyuxKboF8

For more pictures from the programme: Nutrition Project for Young Children

One thought on “Warmi Huasi (Women’s House), San Benito, Peru

  1. Hi Frank
    The Warmi Huasi looks like a fantastic project. I was wondering why the local mother pictured did not want to admit her child was sick, and why she was reluctant to join the project?
    Maddy x

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