Environmental Education in Lima’s hills, Peru

Sr Rosario in the Hydroponic Greenhouse

High in the hills above Lima, the Sisters of Mother Teresa have a small, one form entry school, which serves the children on the hillside.  The community gave them the plot on which they built the school.  Classes are no larger than 30 children and the teachers are paid by the government, while the church provides funds for the building.  The headteacher, Sr Maria, is also the foundress of the community. 

As part of their curriculum the school is pioneering a water efficient vegetable garden with a difference. Water is fed through pipes and young seedlings are planted into holes in the pipes.  The water is fed with nutrients gathered from local composting and once circulated, the water is returned to the reservoir so that no water is lost in the sytem.  They grow a range of salad, spinach and tomatoes. A small raised bed is also used to grow beetroot and carrots.  Pupils are fully involved in the programme, gaining skills they will be able to use at home.  The salads and other veg are used to feed the pupils, improving their diet.

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