Fruit and Veg in the Supermarket in Lima, Peru

Bananas and Avocados, Mangos, Oranges and Pineapples

Supermarkets have arrived in Peru and most are owned by companies from Chile.  Metro is the biggest and is found all over the richer areas of Lima.  However, though at first sight it could be any supermarket anywhere in the developed world, there are differences, and the most striking is the vegetable and fruit section. There are also many different cuts of meat and lots of sausages.

If the slides go too fast for you, click on the slide and change the black square at the bottom into an arrow.  That way you decide when to show the next slide!

8 thoughts on “Fruit and Veg in the Supermarket in Lima, Peru

    • There are very big markets, and some very small. Some markets just sell fruit and veg, others sell lots more. Just round the corner from the house I am staying in there is a market with shops on two floors. On the ground floor there are about 30 stalls selling fruit, veg and meat. It reminded me of the old market when I was a child. You could see the whole chicken hanging from a hook at one stall and ask for the part you wanted – leg, wing, brest, feet – I remember having the feet once, you could make them move! At another stall there were big pieces of beef and at another sheep and goats. Then there were fruit stalls with bananas and mangos and big strawberries. Upstairs they sold clothes and you could get repairs done.
      The fruits and veg is similar but there is a lot more variety here.

  1. Thank you for replying for Peru day 1. How is the food i forgot to ask you what was your favouwrite food?We also heard that you replied about the weather in Peru it was very strange.Have you tasted any food sice you last wrote to us.Have yo tried some different food?How many shops have you been to?

    • Thank you for responding to my Blog and making your comments. It has helped me decide what to take pictures of and what stories I should tell. I hope you saw the story about the Fruit and veg in the Supermarket. I have tasted lots of different foods in the last week, including Roasted Guinea Pig! I don’t think I have a favourite yet, but I do love all the fresh fruits especially pawpaw and papaya. I’ve not been in many shops yet, those I have are very similar to England, but the local shops in the neighbourhood are very small, smaller than a classroom. The best shop I have seen was on the back of a bicycle and it sold vegetables and fruit.

    • I think my favourite fruit is the papaya or maybe the pawpaw, but these do not travle well, so we don’t see them in England.
      I love the potatoes here, there are so many different varieties, you are never quite sure what taste you are going to get.

    • Hi Sokol,

      There are many fruits and veg which are the same, but many more which are quite different. Pawpaw and Mangos grow very easily in the tropical forests of Peru, also Avocado and Passion Fruit. The strangest fruit I have seen is the cactus fruit or prickly pear.

      Many of the vegetables are also the same as in England, but my Blog of the Fruit and Veg in the Supermarket will have shown you that there is also a lot more variety, especially potatoes.

      Ihope to put up some more pictures of fruit and veg today, so look for my latest post.

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