Party for Padre Lalo in Peru


Fr Ed is presented with his cake and blows out the candles with ease!

Fr Ed is known by his nickname of Padre Lalo, Lalo being the short version of Edwardo and today the whole parish celebrated his 66th birthday with a liturgy, dance and refreshments.

As you will see he enjoys dancing and his parishioners describe him as a very good Peruvian dancer.  He certainly has the moves!

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10 thoughts on “Party for Padre Lalo in Peru

    • It was the 66th birthday for the parish priest – Padre Lalo – the tall man with the grey hair.
      I’m doing fine, thanks.

    • Yes, I like to dance, but I’m no longer very good. I shall have to try and show you how the Peruvians dance, it’s a bit like Michael Jackson!

  1. Hi Frank
    Did you go to the party?How are you getting along i heard that you have made some new freinds.How do they set out parties?Are the parties different to the uk?
    From William And Frank

    • Oh Yes, I was at the party. The big difference with England was that it began with some readings and prayers for Padre Lalo, and everyone in the parish seemed to be there – lots of people. Also the young people organised most of the party rather than leaving it to the adults. The music was different, but otherwise it was the same as in England: lots of singing, dancing, eating and drinking!

    • It was great party with lots of dancing. I especially liked the Peruvian Country dancing and the costumes the people wore.

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