Peruvian Food

Corn Broth

The Food in Peru is delicious.  Even the simplest ingredients are given great flavour with the use of onions, limes and chilli peppers.

Soups are very popular using fish or meat stock and adding rice, or potatoes or corn; onions, tomatoes and peppers.

The first soup I had was a corn broth made with meat stock and onions with bloated corn added.  The corn is soaked in water until it becomes bloated and then added to the soup where it picks up the flavour of the meat juices.  The onions add flavour and if you want a little extra you add some hot chilli sauce or fresh limes juice.  Excellent.

Most people start the day with coffee and a piece of bread – very simple.  Lunch is the main meal unless you don’t have time at work.  The main meal will start with soup, often vegetable soup with noodles, then meat and rice, or vegetables and rice.  In the mountains people will eat more potatoes than rice, on the coast though, rice is preferred.

Vegetables include carrots and sweet potatoes, avocados and broccoli and always onions and sweet peppers.

Supper will be bread and anything left over from lunch. Some people will buy something at the street vendors on the way home – often fried foods, which are not so good.

11 thoughts on “Peruvian Food

  1. The food looks lovely. We think the roasted corn is the best because it tastes like popcorn.
    Whats your favroite food in Peru?

    • Because they are tasty. Just like we eat chickens and in some countries they eat cats, in others dogs, and in others horses! Different people eat different things.

    • You can get Pizza here, there is a large Italian community and there are lots of Italian restaurants and Ice Cream Parlours too.
      I love the food, there is such variety.

  2. Hi Mr. Sudlow,

    how was your Father’s Day? I have heared that Edwardo is a good

    dancer at the age of 66, wow impressive.

    Abi and GRACE

  3. Hi Frank, have u tried any guinea pigs.we have heard it’s a delicacy in Peru.I think all the food looks lovely. whats your fave food?

    • Yes, I have eaten guinea pig and it was tasty, but lots of bones.
      I like all the foods, but some of the fruits especially. The Mangoes here are delicious and fresh, so too are the pineapples and the pawpaw.

  4. have you eaten any ginny pigs yet if yes are they nice?are the biscuits diffrent from uk biscuits? what does the corn broth taist like there if you know how to make it can you send the receipe please?and how do you make the biscuits if you know can you send the receipe i like bicuits thank you i found lots of interesting homework information from your website thank you for your help from your website?

    • Yes I have eaten guinea pig and it tasted like rabbit or pigeon. However, it’s full of bones and you have to work hard to find the meat, which I think is why it is better in a stew than roasted.
      Biscuits are similar, but most are softer than we would be used to, more like Jaffa Cakes without the chocolate than other biscuits.
      The corn broth taste delicious, I will ask for the receipe and for the biscuits too.

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