Sacramental Preparation in Lima, Peru

Spot the leaders - A confirmation class discuss the Gospel and what it means for them today.

Sacramental Preparation is necessarily lay led, but it´s not just adults in the leadership role.  When it comes to preparing children for their First Communion or preparing young people for Confirmation, the leadership comes from those young people who have been confirmed themselves. 

Adult catechists support the parents in preparing their children for Baptism and First Communion, but young leaders aged 16-26 take responsibility for the work with thechildren preparing fr First Communion and the young people preparing for Confirmation.  It is clearly a responsibility they take seriously since many are also studying at University of have started work as teachers, technicians, engineers and accountants. They are often lay ministers of the Eucharist, and play a key role in all aspects of the parish life.

Young leaders from across the twelve chapels in the parish spend an evening together to prepare each weekly session, following a programme devised by the parish priest.  They then give two to three hours each weekend to work with their groups in teams of three of four.

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