Harvest Newsletter

Jeanne lives in Rwanda. Seen here with her brothers, she helps us tell the story of her country and our work there.

For your copy of the CAFOD Northampton – Diocesan Newsletter – Harvest 2010 just click here.

In it you will find news about the Diocesan Justice and Peace Conference on Saturday, 2 October.  As Bishop Grant, the first chair of CAFOD and former Bishop of Northampton,  said, many years ago, “The efforts of aid agencies is not sufficient, nor is government assistance.  The world economic and financial systems must be so adapted as to see that developing countries receive social justice.”  Alongside our fundraising it is important we remember to challenge the structures that keep people in poverty.  With Bishop Peter as our keynote speaker, the Justice and Peace Conference will be an opportunity to explore with others the various ways in which we can challenge the structures which keep people in poverty.  All are welcome.  The conference starts with coffee at 9.30 and we are invited to bring something to share for lunch.

The newsletter also gives us an update on the situation in Haiti.  Through our parishes and individually the tremendous support which we gave to the people of Haiti is already making a difference, though the road is long.  This year’s Pope Paul VI lecture will be given by the former Prime Minister of Haiti, Claudette Werleigh, now Secretary General of Pax Christi International, details of the lecture and how to obtain tickets are given in the newsletter.

Schools and young people have been active too and we highlight two of the schools in the Diocese. 

This Harvest Fast Day we focus on our work in Rwanda, work we have been doing for over a decade following the genocide which ripped this small country apart.  It is a story which shows how we continue to support those living in poverty long after the cameras have left, how we work in partnership with the people who are vulnerable to abuse enabling them to take control of their lives and influence their own governments.  We do not come with solutions, but with support, listening to the needs of the people and responding to them as sisters and brothers.  This story is repeated around the world as we seek out the poorest communities.

I hope you enjoy reading all the news and look forward to meeting many of you at the Justice and Peace Conference.  If you have stories to share, please send them to the Diocesan Office, or respond below.

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