Simon and Lizzie Krelle take CAFOD to the summit

Simon and Lizzie Krelle took CAFOD to the summit as they scaled the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro this summer and raised over £500 for CAFOD in the process.

Simon and Lizzie at 5,893 metres or 19,334 ft above sea level. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain as well as the 4th most prominent mountain in the world, rising 5,882 metres or 19,298 ft from the base. That’s some climb!

This trip started out as a 40th birthday celebration for Lizzie Krelle but became so much more.  She and husband, Simon are keen hill walkers and skiers and Lizzie had for many years wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for the simple reason that it was there.  Neither of them would have missed it for the world and as they reached the summit and saw the sign at the top there was almost a moment of disbelief as their exhausted bodies huddled around the sign for photos.

When they reached the top, despite being only a few miles south of the Equator, they found the summit cold and windy and a bit surreal with the sign there just as they had seen it on the post cards!

Back home Lizzie’s parents were looking after their children.  Even so, it was hard to be without them and unable to even contact them by phone or email.  It was great to come back to them and to be able to share the photos and songs they had gathered on their journey.

Simon and Lizzie are members of St Mary Magdalene Parish in Milton Keynes so choosing CAFOD as a charity to support was a natural choice, however, Lizzie’s mother Eileen is also a member of the Justice and Peace Group at The Blessed Sacrament parish in Chelmsford, so there was an added motivation. 

Now back in his day job as a PR Consultant, Simon can hardly believe that he and Lizzie have completed this dream journey, everything here seems just the same, yet they have been changed by the experience.  They had never visited Sub-Saharan Africa before but seeing the very basic living standards of the children in Tanzania really reinforced the need to support CAFOD’s work in Africa and elsewhere.  If you want to sponsor their efforts and congratulate them on their achievement just go to:

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