Haiti Earthquake – please help

As a member of the Caritas Federation, we are supporting our partners to assist with the relief effort following the earthquake on the Caribbean Island of Haiti on January 12, 2010

So far our partners have provided: 200,000 people with food, 60,000 people with items such as blankets and kitchen kits, 35,000 with shelter materials, 10,000 people with medical supplies

For more details on the situation one month on see our website: one month on

Any money pledged will help our partners supply water, food, medicines and shelter to the worst affected areas.

If you would like someone to come and speak in your school or parish, please email northampton@cafod.org.uk

If you are doing anything locally which we can report here, please let us know.

Please support our appeal, or the DEC appeal, via www.cafod.org.uk/haitiappeal

You can follow our bloggers on the ground at: http://blog.cafod.org.uk/category/haiti/

And get all the latest news on Twitter at http://twitter.com/cafod

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