Give it up for CAFOD

In 1960 a group of Catholic women, including key members of this diocese, did something extraordinary. They organised the first Family Fast Day to support mothers and babies in Dominica who were suffering from malnutrition.
The first Fast Day was organised by the Catholic Women’s League and the Union of Catholic Mothers through the National Board of Catholic Women.
We will be remembering and celebrating their initiative with an exhibition and service at Northampton Cathedral at 2pm on Saturday, 13 February.
We hope you will join us.
This year, why not give something up for Lent and donate the money you save to CAFOD? You can create some amazing changes for people who live in the developing world.

Could you give up biscuits and cakes and send the money you save to provide bicycles for health care workers?

The money you could save from just one restaurant meal could provide a family in need with food for a week.

Or could you give up wine for Lent and help provide a community with water for life?
What will you give up this Lent?

Let us know and together we’ll make a real difference.

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