Copenhagen BLOG

Aideen Fogarty, above centre, looks for  a FAB deal in Copenhagen.  Fresh from her participation in The Wave through London, Aideen has joined with other campaigners travelling to Copenhagen to ensure our representatives stay on target and get us a FAB deal: Fair, Ambitious and Binding – see

Aideen writes:

Thursday: We had a very good briefing from CAFOD and waited to board our coach.  All in good heart and keen to get to Copenhagen

Friday: We have passed Hamberg.  Had a good breakfast.  Our morning prayers were adapted from the Copenhagen Carols.  We expect to arrive in about 4 hours – (2 pm local time)  Carols can be found at:

Saturday, 13.50: In Copenhagen centre with CAFOD and Caritas listening to speaches.  March soon. For more see:

March was very peaceful. 100,00 there .  We saw the anarchists but avoided them, very carefully!

Sunday, 11.35: Mass today in church. Maria Elena read the gospel in English as also did the german priest with the other group. 

In City Centre now waiting for Archbishop Tutu.

Sunday, 22.00: Desmond Tutu was brilliant . He had us eating out of his hand .  He handed over 500,000 signatures to the UN man .  We are on bus home.

Clare Oliver, CAFOD volunteer and student from Liverpool, has written up her experiences here

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