Creation Time In Dunstable

Parishioners of the Parish of Mary Immaculate, Dunstable, comprising St Mary’s, St. Vincent’s and St. Elizabeth’s St Marys DunstableChurch prepared for Harvest Fast Day this year with a month long ‘Creation Time’.

Each week in September, using CAFOD’s “Call of Creation” tool kit of posters and reflections, we had a grand display in the Porch of St. Mary’s and special Bidding Prayers high lighting different parts of our Bishops’ teaching in the ‘The Call of Creation’. People were encouraged to ‘work with creation, not against it’. On the last Sunday of the month we reflected on God’s Call to ‘renew the face of the earth’ and also concentrated on the link with the Eucharist. We offer Jesus Himself to the Father, the Lord of all creation, under the form of bread and wine, fruits of the Earth, work of our hands. Jesus is the one who nourishes the life for all.

Frank Sudlow and Roger Smith from the diocesan CAFOD team spoke at all Masses to promote CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day and to launch our CREATE A CLIMATE FOR JUSTICE CAMPAIGN. Around 300 ‘hands’ were distributed each with a message to send to Gordon Brown urging him to consider the plight of the poor when he goes Copenhagen in December. This picture of the last display illustrates the involvement of the young people like the Beavers and members if the Children’s Liturgy in their displaying prints of their hands to show that ‘Our climate is in our hands’

We now want to urge all to join us on the Diocesan CAFOD coach to the Climate Rally on Saturday, 5th December, when we will be encouraging our politicians to press for real change in Copenhagen. Click for more details, reply to this BLOG or call 01604 785254

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CAFOD Northampton supports CAFOD's work across the Northampton Diocese covering the Counties of Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire together with those parts of Berkshire north of the Thames. Working in partnership with volunteers and supporters, the Diocesan Office coordinates CAFOD's work at a local level in parishes, schools and community groups.

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