Diocesan Newsletter


Items covered:

  1. Creating a Climate for Justice
  2. Harvest Fast Day – Friday, 3 October
  3. Give for Free
  4. Free Wills Network
  5. New Confirmation Resources:
  6. Dates for your Diary:
    • Understanding CAFOD
    • Training Days for Schools Volunteers
    • CAFOD Harvest Fast Day
    • Create a Climate for Justice
    • March in December
  7. News Around the Diocese


1.    Creating a Climate for Justice

Climate Change is now recognised as the greatest threat to development this century, but its effects are not inevitable.  Our partners and the people they work with in Bangladesh describe how they have been preparing for more violent storms and floods, click here to read about what they are doing.

 Recently, Catherine Leeson returned from Bangladesh.  She will be speaking in Slough on 2 September, but to read a short account of her visit click here.

 Take Action Today

There are also action cards for parishes and schools. Please contact the Diocesan Office if you could get your parishioners, students  or others to sign the cards. Signed cards should be back with us before 18 November. You can of course sign on line here.

The Road to Copenhagen

You can keep up to speed with the changing political environment too by checking out www.cafod.org.uk/climatejustice for our latest actions.  Right now, you can ask the Treasury to tell Europe to pay its fair share of funding for developing countries affected by climate change. To take action on line, just click here.

March in December

Please put 5 December in your diary?

Please ask parishioners, students and others to join you at the biggest ever rally on climate change. Perhaps you could get a whole coach together, or join with your parishes in your pastoral area?  Further details from the Diocesan Office.

We would be happy to come and speak to parish and other groups about this issue, which will affect us all, but is already having a massive impact on those we work with overseas. 

2.    Harvest Fast Day – Friday, 3 October

Many thanks for the support you already give to CAFOD. However, with the financial crisis causing a fall in the value of the pound it means that we need to raise even more funds to maintain the value of our grants to partners.  If you would like us to come and speak to your parish this Fast Day, please ask.

 3.    Give for Free

Support CAFOD at no cost to yourselves or your parishioners.  Could you get your parish to collect old mobile phones, ink and toner cartridges and give them to CAFOD? We can turn them into cash.  For promotional materials, please contact us.

 4.    Free Wills Network

CAFOD has joined The National Free Wills Network, which enables charity donors and volunteers to have their wills written for free by participating firms throughout England and Wales. Simple wills can be written for free but more complex ones (including business interests or trusts, for example) may be written at a discounted price.

 There is no minimum age limit.

Should you choose to take advantage of this scheme, there’s no obligation to remember us or any other charity in your will; but we hope you might take a moment to consider the real and lasting difference you could make by leaving a legacy to CAFOD.

 In our Diocese alone last year, over £245,600 was left to CAFOD in the wills of our closest friends. And these friends weren’t wealthy or VIPs. They were just ordinary people like you and me, who decided to do something quite extraordinary for future generations.  Legacies to CAFOD come in all shapes and sizes but they add together to have a huge impact.  For example, the legacy funds from this diocese alone was more than the cost of all CAFOD’s work in Nigeria last year. See www.cafod.org.uk/nigeria

 If you’d like to know more, please call CAFOD’s legacy team on 020 7095 5525 or email legacy@cafod.org.uk with the subject heading “NFWN Northampton newsletter”. We’d be happy to help!

 5.    New Confirmation Resources:

A brand new justice-focused reconciliation service is now available online for use within a confirmation programme or retreat with young people. It can be downloaded from:  www.cafod.org.uk/youth-leaders

 We are able to offer direct support to Confirmation Classes with workshops on Catholic Social Teaching and Global Justice Issues. CAFOD is also producing new free online resources for Confirmation which will be available later this summer. 

We are planning a half day training session especially for Youth Workers and Catechists to provide an opportunity to explore the new resources. Timing and venue to be confirmed. Please tell your parish catechist / confirmation leader and ask them to contact the Diocesan Office if interested.

 6.    Dates for your Diary:

 a.    Understanding CAFOD  Wed, 2 Sept – Slough

Want to know more about what CAFOD does and how?  Come and join us to find out more.

Our programme covers:

  • CAFOD’s Vision, Mission and Values – what we do and why
  • CAFOD’s History – the people who started CAFOD and how we have developed
  • CAFOD’s work overseas and at home.  Catherine Leeson will talk about CAFOD’s work in Bangladesh – see above.
  • Fundraising for CAFOD – where the money comes from and where it goes!
  • CAFOD in the Diocese – how we communicate our message.

 b.    Training Days for Schools Volunteers  Wed, 30 Sept and Wed, 21 Oct – Brixton

Would you be prepared to speak for CAFOD in schools or youth groups? Or do you know someone who might? These two training days help prepare and train you.  No previous experience necessary, just enthusiasm for working with young people. Between the two days you will have an accompanied visit to a school.

 c.     CAFOD Harvest Fast Day  Friday, 2 Oct

If you would like a speaker to visit your parish on either Sunday 27 Sept or 4 Oct, please ask.

 d.    Create a Climate for Justice  Sat, 3 Oct – Cambridge

Celia Deane-Drummond, professor of Theology and Bio-Sciences, will help us explore Catholic Social Teaching and Climate Change.  Rob Rees, CAFOD’s Pan-Africa Advocacy Co-ordinator will explain the impacts of Climate Change on the people of Africa.

 e.    March in December  Sat, 5 Dec – London

Demonstration in London to put pressure on Government before Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change.

 To join any of the above events, please contact the Diocesan Office

 7.    News Around the Diocese

For all our news around the Diocese go to our website: www.cafod.org.uk/northampton

If you have a story to share (and a photo too?) please send it to the Diocesan Office

Contact: CAFOD Northampton

St Gregory’s Catholic School
Grange Road
Tel: 01604 785254
Email: northampton@cafod.org.uk

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