Northamptonshire Grammar School bring water


Stents from Year 10 with Frank outside All Saints' Church

Members of Year 10 at Northamptonshire Grammar School have been leading the way in raising funds to provide a village in Africa with a sustainable water supply.

They invited me along to their Lent Service at All Saints’ Church, Pitsford where I reflected on the challenge presented in scripture and encapsulated by St Ambrose when he said, “You are not making a gift of what is yours to the poor person, but you are giving them back what is theirs.

“You have been appropriating things that are meant to be for the common use of everyone. The earth belongs to everyone, not to the rich.”

This is not an easy lesson for us who are rich, and perhaps explains why the rich young man, who met Jesus, went away sad.

The students were keen to develop their understanding of what keeps people in poverty and plan further fundraising activities next term.

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