Market Harborough Catenians

p31000101The Catenian Group in Market Harborough have been supporting the Centenary Appeal – Give Water, Give Hope – with a wide range of fundraising activities. 

An “at home” raised over £400 and a similar amount came from a 60’s evening. 

Raffles and private donations added to the total including some Brothers sending Christmas greetings by email and donating the saving in cards to the appeal. 

Altogether they have raised £1600, far more than their original target.  This was handed over to Frank Sudlow, Diocesan Manager for CAFOD in Northampton Diocese. 

In thanking the Brothers, he also noted that many of them lived in Nottingham Diocese.  Frank told the Brothers how the funds they had raised were being used to bring water to the people of Zimbabwe in this their hour of great need. 

Not only will the funds provide clean water to drink, but also water to keep people clean and prevent disease, as well as water to irrigate crops and so improve nutrition. 

Providing poor communities with a safe water supply would also enable children to attend school since they would no longer be engaged in fetching water from distant rivers and water holes, this is especially important for the education of girls a vital need in developing countries. 

The project also enables small communities to come together to plan how the project should be realised, and so helps build the community improving local governance and accountability.

Frank thanked the Brothers for their support and asked them to keep the people of Zimbabwe in their prayers.

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