St Teresa’s Primary School hear about CAFOD’s work

St Teresa Primary – Princes Risborough invites CAFOD in for an assembly

St Teresa primary school warmly welcomed CAFOD in to give an assembly.  Ged Nolan, CAFOD’s education volunteer, started off by asking the students if they knew what CAFOD stood for and explained what CAFOD did to fight injustices and help those living in poverty overseas.

Students learn what CAFOD stands for

Ged then focused on Pope Francis’ letter Laudato Si’ – Care for our Common Home – which was written not just for Catholics but to each person on the planet.  He mentioned some ways in which within the school and at home pupils could reduce their carbon footprint, save water, recycle and reduce plastic use.

Watch this very informative and fun video on the Pope’s letter to all:

Head Teacher Mrs Roberts asks students how they can be more environmentally friendly


Head Teacher, Mrs Roberts, then shared how the school was already recycling paper and replacing plastic straws with paper ones. All very good ways of caring for the environment.  Mrs Roberts also encouraged the children to find more ways in which the school could be environmentally-friendly.


It was wonderful to see how the students, when asked if they would take this further were so keen to do so and some were already coming up with good ideas.  Ged reminded them that it was not only in school but at home also where they could adopt good practices like turning the tap off when brushing teeth.  They children were keen to share what they had learnt with their parents.

Pupils at St Teresa’s (Princes Risborough) keen to make a difference

Before leaving, Ged challenged school to undertake a LiveSimple promise and perhaps work towards attaining the LiveSimply award.  Head Teacher, Mrs Roberts was very keen for the school to be involved in this as well as carry out some fundraising later in the year.  She said, “we will be delighted to have CAFOD back for further workshops.”

Thank you so much St Teresa’s for inviting CAFOD into your lovely school.  Thanks Ged for delivering the assembly.  We look forward to hearing how you get on with the LiveSimply challenge.

St Augustine Daventry share nibbles to get the message across at Lent

CAFOD’s Family Fast Day appeal this Lent focuses on the work our partners are doing to fight hunger and malnutrition in Zimbabwe such as providing seeds, fencing and farming training for families and communities so that they can become self-sufficient.

The great news is that the UK government has agreed to double donations received between 13 February and 12 May 2018 up to a total of £5 million.

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Nibbles handed out to only some parishioners

Our parishes and schools up and down the country have been busy fundraising and St Augustine’s in Daventry is no exception. The Parish ‘Sacred Heart’ Youth Group decided to do something different this Lent Fast Day.   As the parishioners arrived, small packs of biscuits and nibbles were handed out, but only to less than half of the congregation symbolising our brothers and sisters who have enough to eat with those who didn’t receive anything – those who go hungry.


Youth group at St Augustine Daventry give the CAFOD Fast Day talk



The youth group then made an appeal at the Sunday Mass.   At the end of the talk, everyone was invited to go to the Church Hall for a cup of tea or coffee after Mass.  The  ‘select few’  who received the biscuits and nibbles were particularly encouraged to join in…  and share their snacks with everyone!  Which was a wonderful demonstration of how we who have want to and are reaching out to help our brothers and sisters in need.


The appeal generated a total of £ 881.21.  When doubled by the UK government and with Gift Aid, this could be worth a whooping £1982.73!   An excellent result all round. Well done St Augustine and particularly to the Youth group for such a fresh way of getting the message across!

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St Patrick Primary Corby hears how they can make a difference this Lent

We were very delighted to welcome new Schools’ Volunteer, Chris Atkin to our amazing Education volunteer team.  One of the first schools Chris was invited into was St Patrick’s Primary school in Corby.

Chris Atkin delivers a CAFOD Lenten assembly at St Patrick Primary – Corby

Using CAFOD’s brilliant resources, Chris  to gave an assembly explaining how poverty is not part of God’s plan and that as a Catholic community, we should not give up on the poorest people. Give it up instead and take on the challenge to build a better world this Lent.

Watch this video to see how your support has helped Svondo’s family in Zimbabwe.

Chris also got some of the students to demonstrate how St Patrick’s was a link in a chain of support for our brothers and sisters living in poverty overseas.

There was also some very good news to share with the students

Chris reported at the end of the visit, “The students were engaged and very enthusiastic, making great contributions. I really enjoyed my visit to this lovely school.”

Thank you St Patrick’s for inviting CAFOD into your school and to Chris for delivering a great assembly.

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